Our Online course is created to provide you with a core knowledge of our process and products; it is a pre-requisite for the Hands On Xtract® Removal Training and should be completed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to class.

On this course you will be provided with theory modules covering The Skin, The Tattoo Process, Ink Extraction, Health & Sanitation and The Xtract® Procedure. Upon completion of study, there is a short test to be completed


The Online Course Includes:

41 Educational Modules – Multiple Tests throughout

2 Educational Videos

80% Pass rate overall required


The practical Xtract® Tattoo Removal training course is an intense, hands on class which is taught over 2 days

All attendees will have prior knowledge of our process and products due to completion of online training and test

During Day 1, this knowledge will be assessed and further developed to make sure all trainees leave with a strong understanding of Xtract®

During Day 2 you will gain hands on Xtract® tattoo removal experience on a minimum of 2 models per trainee to ensure experience and removal confidence


The Hands on Practical Consists of 2 Days

Day 1


Why Xtract®
Station Setup
Tools & Needles
Practice Pads

Day 2


Station Set Up
Models – Practical Treatments

Pricing Varies by Training Center

Once you have completed both your Online & Hands On Training you will be required to complete a minimum of 3 tattoo removal case studies. Your work should be shared with other students across our private platforms for ongoing group learning. Once all 3 case studies are completed, with photographic evidence, these should be submitted through the online portal. Providing your work is of a satisfactory standard you will then receive your certificate via mail and have your business listed on the Xtract® website

Complete a minimum of 3 case studies. For each case study:

All relevant paperwork
Before photo
After needling photo
After mask photo
With serum photo
48hr review photo
Submit through online portal

Receive your certificate via mail and have your business listed on the Xtract® website

As with all new skills we must walk before we run. For this reason, Xtract® trainees will initially work on all body tattoos, eyebrow permanent make up and overlined lip permanent make up

Xtract® is gentle enough to work on delicate areas such as the eyes and the body of the lip, however this does require more experience and additional training

As you will already be a qualified Xtract® technician these will be taught via pre recorded upskill courses which you can complete from the comfort of your own home. To be able to access advanced training a minimum of 20 Xtract® removal procedures must be completed

In some cases technicians may be able to advance sooner if they are considered highly skilled or specialize in a specific area

Advanced Courses Coming Soon:

Full Lip


Xtract® training is broken down into two stages
You can begin the first step as quickly as today!
It involves an Online course study accompanied by an end of course exam

• Xtract® has customized training packages to fit any size business

• The training process includes an online education and hands on practical instruction with one of our certified trainers

• Included in your Xtract® agreement are all the products you need for success

• Xtract® provides ongoing support

• Xtract® certification and training is affordable

• Adding Xtract® to your practice will provide a high demand service; removing tattoos safely and effectively