About Xtract®

Xtract® products are a perfect combination of science meets nature. Advanced Patented ingredients with a holistic approach designed to synergistically work with the immune cells, not against them.

Xtract® is the only method that contains immune modulators to remove ink allergies

Xtract® is a non-laser Holistic Ink removal technology, that removes Ink, Toxins, and Scar Tissue through its Patent Pending Ink Chelation Technology™

Xtract® also uses Patented Zinc Finger Technology℗ for the after care to speed healing, DNA repair, normalize pigment, and scar tissue formation


Erika Resener is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Permanent Cosmetic Educator.

Erika has a passion and desire to provide natural-looking permanent makeup for her clients, which led her to become a trainer for a nationally known Micro Blading company. It was during this time she saw the increasing demand for ink removal from poorly trained artists.

Upon discussing this future epidemic with her peers; she was influenced to look for removal solutions that would preserve the skin, hair and prevent scarring.  After much research and training from multiple companies, she fell in love with Xtract®.

“I am so excited to be able to join this amazing team and work towards a healthier solution towards ink extraction and giving back to the community.” -Erika

My History
  • Salutatorian – MT Program
  • Parker University 2011 Advanced Esthetics
  • DuVall’s 2011 Microblading & PMU Artist 2015 Tattoo Removal
  • Permanent Cosmetics 2017

North Richland Hills, TX 76182

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Julianna Milin is a leading International Master of Microblading and Permanent Makeup techniques. Julianna has perfected the art of creating perfect symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, and realistic hair strokes using manual needles.  Not only has Julianna been a pioneering master in the art of Microblading, but she has also become a leader in her own right as an International Master in all techniques of Permanent Makeup.  Her expertise is widely sought after in the worldwide market.

Julianna has trained extensively in Asia and Europe and is now proud to bring new, cutting-edge techniques to the United States.

She is the founder and head of the illustrious Brow Design International®, the leading American academy for Microblading and permanent makeup training and certification.  As an artist of the highest caliber, she is proud to be a United States National Trainer for the AMIEA brand of permanent cosmetics.  AMIEA is a global leader, producing the best devices, needles, and pigments in the world.  She is proud to represent AMIEA in the United States

Appearances and Mentions
  • Guest Speaker at the first Tebori Permanent Makeup Conference in the U.K.
  • Featured Master Artist at the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Guest Speaker at the 2019 Cherry Ink PMU and Beauty Conference in South Africa
  • Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America 
  • Featured in Marie Claire Magazine
  • Featured in New York Magazine
  • Featured in Big City Magazine

The Woodlands, TX 77380

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V skincare was created by Jennifer Carrasco, a 21-year experienced esthetician, and a IFBB PRO fitness competitor, and founder of Virago Skin and Body Studios. Jennifer realized that on a daily basis, society shows us numerous “flawless” people through social media platforms and magazines. We are also overwhelmed with a new skincare routines, new workouts, and the best “new diet.” Jennifer strives to break these norms, which is why she has spent more than the last decade perfecting physically and mentally what it truly means to be beautiful.



My History
  • CEO Virago Skin Studio located in Vacaville, Roseville & Davis, California Specializing in:
    Varieties of skin care treatments
    Tattoo Removal
    Permanent cosmetics
    3d Areola and camouflage (Acne, rosacea, eczema, non-surgical face lift, non- surgical body lift, injectables)
  • CEO Roseville Rockline Electric (Bay Area, Placer County, expanding to all CA)
  • IFBB Pro Bikini
  • Full diet and prep coach
  • Podcast-WTF Is Beauty Anyway

Roseville, California

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Leah Richardson (The Cosmetic Tattooist™) is the UK and European distributor and trainer for Xtract® – The Ultimate Ink Remover.

Not only is Leah a successful permanent make up artist in her own right, offering all areas of PMU including Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, and specializes in correction and removal procedures.

Leah is the owner of CT supplies and an industry educator; providing training from beginners permanent make up through to advanced techniques, pigment science, and needle theory.

My History
  • 2010 – 2014 – Tattoo Apprenticeship and working tattoo artist
  • 2012 – 2014 – Make Up Artistry Fda Degree. (University of Salford)
  • 2015 – Beginners and Advances permanent make up training.
  • 2016 – Salt and Saline removal training. Teaching beginners PMU
  • 2017 – Launch CT Supplies. Teaching beginners and advanced PMU. Xiled (Li-ft) Removal Training
  • 2018 – Industry speaker at Micropigmentation UK conference and awards
  • 2019 – Trained in Xtract® tattoo removal in Toronto, Canada. Launched The Cosmetic Tattooist Training Academy
  • 2020 – Official Xtract® Ink UK launch
  • 2021 – Launch of Acupoint: Acupuncture and Micropoint Precision Universal Cartridges
  • 2021 – Launch of Oink™ Practise Tattoo Skin Ranging from Fitzpatrick One to Six
  • 2021 – World Leader & Guest Speaker for WorldMicropig Conference and Awards in Dubai 2021

Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Jeni Hart is a skilled cosmetic tattoo specialist and owner/operator of both Brows & Beyond Cosmetic Tattooing & Brows & Beyond ProShop in Kumeu, New Zealand.

Jeni has earned her Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing, Post Graduate Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Diploma in Commercial Art.

Jeni is the New Zealand distributor for Permablend Cosmetic Tattooing Pigments (World Famous Inks), Membrane Aftercare and Microbeau products.

Jeni trained with Xtract International Master Trainer, Erika Resener in New Zealand in February 2020 and is now the distributor and trainer for New Zealand.

When Jeni is not working, she is enjoying her passion – motorcycle riding on her Harley Davidson, Ducati & BMW.



Xtract® originated as a part of a humanitarian effort to assist in safely and effectively removing tattoos from sex trafficking victims.
As a result, Xtract® has completely revolutionized the tattoo removal industry. This unique tattoo extraction procedure is the safest and most effective system on the market; with the added benefit of producing the lowest scar potential of any other system.




Dr. Ben is an outside the box thinker who’s applied a holistic approach to tattoo lightening/removal using a patent-pending method that dramatically reduces scaring potential in the process.

He has multiple patents which include Zinc Finger Technology℗ that is clinically proven to repair DNA and accelerate wound healing, and the use of Trioxolane℗ to improve several skin conditions including allergic reactions to ink.

1997 – when he opened one of the first laser/medi-spa chains with locations all around the U.S. it was then he founded and formulated his first skin care line, Cosmedix, with a strategy that was unique at the time – creating medical strength results using all natural and chirally correct ingredients. It was then that he realized that creating wounds by laser or peels was not correcting any skin condition, it was actually creating more damage in the long term.

2007 – This lead him to develop a new and revolutionary skincare line called Osmosis Beauty, where is has spent decades researching holistic solutions for the most challenging skin conditions to equip estheticians, dermatologists, and clinicians with the tools they need to offer their clients real solutions. You can find Osmosis beauty currently in 17 countries and you can listen and learn from him on his weekly podcast #AskDr.Ben or in feature articles on Dermascope magazine.

2017 – Dr. Ben was asked to create an ink and scar removal system out of a humanitarian need to aid sex-trafficking victims in the removal of their brandings and scars. With his knowledge and holistic approach, he created Xtract® to remove Ink, scar tissue, toxin and allergic reactions to ink. It was created in such a way to work synergistically with the cells to heal and preserve the integrity of the skin and hair follicle.


Appearances & Mentions:

  • Dr. Ben is the author of: Transform Your Skin, Naturally:  this is a Groundbreaking Alternatives to Exfoliation and Other Damaging Anti-Aging Strategies
  • Sitting member of the Dermascope Magazine advisory board
  • Written over 25 articles for Dermascope Magazine and featured in numerous webinars



Tina began her career over 30 years ago after graduating from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science degree and minor in Nutrition. Her passion for nutrition and skincare allowed her to look at skincare and wellness through a holistic lens and led her to become one of the top holistic skincare and wellness experts in her field. Tina’s knowledge for skin and ingredients her holistic approach for working with the cells removing the ink was revolutionary and together with Ben Johnson MD. they were able to develop a patent pending system essential for empowering the body’s innate ability to remove foreign toxins, ink, allergens and create an innate healing response for results without compromise.

2007 – Tina was a co-founder MOSS Wellness Spa, a 10,000 sqft LEED certified Eco-friendly Luxury Spa. Tina oversaw ever aspect of the brand, product selection and development of new product brands.

2008 – she founded Corewellness Consulting, by utilized her knowledge and expertise to create custom skincare formulations and nutraceutical products for companies’ worldwide. With her overall focus on delivering products that are pure, bio-available and clinically proven.

2017  – Tina and Dr. Ben began their journey with Xtract and started the research and development alongside of Dr. Ben, to find the most effective ingredients and technology for Ink, Scar and Allergen removal.

Tina owns a skincare practice as well as works in a luxury medical and wellness spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is here were Tina combines the most effective detox strategies with medical-grade, non-toxic, bio- available topical formulas and strategic facial services to achieve authentic transformations for overall well-being and age reversal.


Appearances and Mentions:

  • Featured on Sonoran Living: Moss Wellness Spa
  • Featured on Channel 3: Facials treatments you can find in your refrigerator
  • Featured on Channel 15: Toxins in our beauty products
  • Article MSN Health & Fitness: Foods that improve your appearance
  • Voyages Magazine: Holistic Skin and Wellness Expert
  • Dermascope Magazine: Featured as a Skin Savior in the Dermatology Community