What Makes Xtract Different?


NOT just saline
Not just salineā€¦ This is Science. Xtract activation serum contains only 10% saline or less. Xtract does not rely on osmosis for the removal of ink, but instead utilises our Ink Chelation Technology through the binding of positive and negative ions.

Safe for all skin types
Xtract is safe for people of all ethnicities and on all areas of the body including the delicate eye area. In contract to laser tattoo removal and other non laser methods Xtract is safe to use on Fitzpatrick 1-6 as our ingredients aid in DNA repair and pigment control.

Removes all ink colours
Unlike laser Xtract is not a colour specific removal system. Xtract removes all colours of ink, including carbon black and stubborn titanium dioxide(white), along with all other organic and inorganic pigment blends.

Removes allergic reaction
Xtract is the only method to safely remove ink allergens through its ink chelation technology. Prior to Xtract steroid injections or surgical extraction were the only viable methods to remove an allergic reaction. Xtract not only removes the allergens but also oxygenates and purifies the area.

Non Laser
Xtract removes ink safer and faster than laser over 1 to 6 treatments as opposed to 10 to 20+ with laser. Laser explodes ink particles and pushes them deeper into the skin to be flushed through the lymphatic system whereas Xtract keeps ink localised, draws particles up and out through Ink Chelation Technology.

Low scar potential
Xtract teaches a very specific needling technique to minimise epidermal exfoliation and follows a moist wound care protocol which preserves growth factors and utilises patented Zinc Finger Technology to aid in DNA repair.

Xtract works holistically with the cells of the body to remove ink and toxins. As opposed to laser and saline removal which kill or damage the macrophage cells, Xtract stimulates them. Xtract creates an immune response by signalling an influx of macrophage cells from around the body to aid in the release of ink particles and wound healing.

All purpose system
Xtract tattoo removal is soft enough for delicate PMU removal but strong enough to remove deeper body tattoos. It preserves the integrity of the skin and hair follicle, and can remove ink allergies making it the most effective and versatile tattoo removal method available.

Revolutionary technology
The only removal method to tick all the boxes. Xtract removes both PMU and body tattoo, works on all skin tones, removes all ink colours, removes ink allergies, has low scar potential and high quality results. Although Xtract is already the ultimate ink removal system, we are always working in the background on further scientific development.

Emergency Tattoo Removalā„¢
Xtract is the only tattoo removal method which has no minimum time frame between the application of a tattoo and the removal of the tattoo. Due to its meticulous needling protocol and holistic approach, Xtract tattoo removal can be completed on a fresh tattoo, or at any point thereafter.