What is Xtract?


Xtract products are a perfect combination of science meets nature… Advanced patented ingredients with a holistic approach for removing ink and toxins from the cells, delivering the safest and most effective method for removing ink.

Xtract is the only method that can safely remove ink allergies. Xtract is a non-laser holistic ink removal technology, that removes Ink, toxins and scar tissue through its patent pending INK Chelation Technology™.

Ink Chelation Technology™ is the removal of ink particles through the bonding of positive and negative ions. Particles which the body identifies as foreign matter such as heavy metals and ink particles have a positive charge. Xtract introduces a negative charge to attract the tattoo ink to the surface and draws from the healthy surrounding tissue for the most effective and safe removal treatment.

Xtract also uses Patented Zinc Finger Technology for aftercare to speed healing and repair the DNA of the cells. Zinc fingers aid in the repair of damaged DNA by ‘turning on’ or ‘activating’ the repair gene so the damaged DNA can be ‘cut out’. Our patented aftercare product is clinically proven to increase DNA repair by up to 33%.